Growler Fill Station

Tap 1

Grand Teton Brewing Co. - Sour Kraut

Talk about sour, this will get you to grab your cheeks and then lick your palate again!

ABV:  % 64oz/$28.00 32oz/$14.00 16oz/$7.00



Tap 2

Cowboy State Brewing Co. - Powder River Pale Ale

First time we have had their Pale Ale on. Have you tried their Pale, yet?

ABV: 5.6 % 64/oz$11.00  32oz/$7.00 16oz/$4.00


Tap 3

Leinie's - Summer Shandy

PLEAS READ: Craft Beer Week is May, 14th - May, 18th 4-7 PM every night different Breweries will be doing FREE TASTINGS. Follow us on Facebook and then follow the events to find out more or come in and get a flyer. Make sure to follow the events for each FIVE of the events are serperate from one another, so click on each on individually and follow the comments to find out more.

ABV: 4.2 % 64oz/$11.00 32oz/$7.00 16oz/$4.00



Tap 4

Grand Teton Brewing Co. - American Sour 2016

MAY 18th: We have TWO very special beers to fill growlers with during American Craft Beer Week that "JACOB" helped brew. Can only get at Liquor Shed. To find out more follow the May 18th event on Facebook!

ABV: 7.0% 64oz/$15.00 32oz/$8.00 16oz/$5.00

Tap 5

Mishap! Brewing Co. - Double Diamond Black IPA

This a nice black IPA with more roast! This beer has notes of chocolate and coffee with a medium hop profile.

ABV: 7.3 % 64oz/$12.00 32oz/$6.00 16oz/$3.00



Tap 6

Upslope Brewing Co. - Pumpking Barleywine

Pre Kick off Party  for CRAFT BEER WEEK May, 11'th. These very limited beers go on tap at 4PM and this is before Craft Beer Week!

ABV: 11.6 % 64oz/$36.00 32oz/$18.00 16oz/$9.00


Tap 7

Ne Belgium Brewing Co. - Emperor HAP/IPA

This IPA brewed with Hemp seeds. This has a strong hemp smell, need to come smell this beer!

ABV: 7.0% % 64oz/$22.00 32oz/$12.00 16oz/$6.00



Tap 8

Ten Sleep Brewing Co. - Speed Goat

Speed Goat is on!

ABV: % 64oz/$11.00 32oz/$7.00 16oz/$4.00