Growler Fill Station

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New Belgium Brewing Co. - Le Terroir SOUR

Dry hopped SOUR! This sour is sour upfront with a nice hop aroma and a pucker but yet sour lingering finish.   ABV: % 64oz/$26.99 32oz/$15.99



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New Belgium Brewing Co. - Bretta IPA

Hop Kitchen series Bretta IPA is a fun IPA to sip on. This beer has a unique flavor let see if you can pick out what the flavor is. (8AM - 9PM) ABV: 7.5 % 64/oz$11.99  32oz/$7.99


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Ten Sleep Brewing Co. - Speed Goat

We are serious get this before it is SOLD OUT!! Speed Goat is so hard for us to get on the growler fill station that we are going to stop bringing in the beer for awhile. This is going to be until Ten Sleep Brewing Co. can keep up with their production!  ABV: % 64oz/$9.52 32oz/$5.00



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Melvin Brewing Co. - Hop Shocker

Are you ready to be hop shocked? Hoppy aroma with a hoppy taste and yet it is happy because this Double IPA has a load of hops!! ABV: 8.1 % 64oz/$18.99 32oz/$9.99


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HeadStrong Brewing Co. - Wild fire wheat

This has a smoky flavor that is perfect for grilled food or having a BBQ on a summer day!! ABV: 6.3 4.0 % 64oz/$14.99 32oz/$7.99



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New Belgium Brewing Co. - Lips of faith Tart Lychee

Wood-Aged SOUR ale blended with lychee and cinnamon. A sour that has a unique flavor and taste. This is one we would recommend to fill your growler with. ABV: 7.5% 64oz/$15.99 32oz/$7.99


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Black Tooth Brewing Co. - Saddle Bronc Brown ale

English Southern Brown Ale! Toffee and nutty in the flavor with a light to medium malty backbone! This is so easy to drink you can drink it year round. ABV: 4.8 % 64oz/$9.52 32oz/$5.00



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Altitude Chophouse and Brewery - It's Winter somewhere

Baltic Porter that is aged in Rum Barrels. This beer is to die for, Jacob says!!  ABV: 10.0% 64oz/$23.99 32oz/$12.99